One Umbrella

Additional cost savings and integration is also facilitated by bringing various services under one umbrella. For instance, many employers have one department (and budget) responsible for the employee assistance program, one responsible for the employee benefits and one responsible for the critical incident stress debriefing services. This leads to duplication of services, additional costs and a decrease in quality of care.

How It Works

Care Delivery Process

The Holman Group's care delivery process includes four steps:

  • Intake
  • Assessment & Referral
  • Treatment
  • Follow-up

Quality Management

Our four-pronged approach to quality management includes:

  • Professional network development and maintenance
  • Facility contracting
  • Care monitoring and systems improvement
  • Patient/client satisfaction

Getting Started

The Holman Capitated Plan, per EE per month, is simple and straight-forward to launch through:

  1. Orientation
  2. Planning and Pre-implementation
  3. Enrollment

It is our commitment to cost-effectively provide the best services we are able to offer to you. If The Holman Group's approach is appropriate for your organization, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you in a follow-up meeting and presentation.

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Additional Services


The Holman EAP offers over 40 wellness related seminars which include the following topics:

  • Substance Abuse Awareness
  • Nutrition and Exercise Counseling
  • Stress Education
  • Parent Effectiveness Training
  • Fitness and Health Training
  • Smoking, Alcohol and Drug Seminars

We can include periodic (monthly or quarterly) seminars (over 300 topics) as part of our programs. Additional seminars can easily be arranged for our standard rate per hour plus travel expenses.

Legal/Financial/Mediation Services

Identity Theft Services

Wellness Program

Work/Life Program

Incident Reporting

Drug and Alcohol Testing

For the past 20 years, The Holman Group has been conducting urinalysis screenings for various clients. We are contracted with a laboratory that is nationwide for urine collection and analysis. This aspect of The Holman Group is an essential tool in substance abuse treatment. The Holman Group is constantly updating its information on the Dept. of Transportation, Dept. of Energy and Dept. of Defense policies and procedures and has the capabilities to meet them.

The Holman Group can and will assist companies in implementing these programs.

The Holman EAP is also able to provide full drug and alcohol testing and rehabilitation policies and procedures, and services in accordance with the Department of Transportation, Department of Energy and other safety sensitive regulation. This includes:

  • Pre-employment/post-offer testing
  • Post accident testing
  • For cause
  • Return to work contract and follow-up testing
  • Substance abuse awareness training
  • MRO and SAP are provided

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Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Services

Holman's Critical Incident Stress Management Program is a special group counseling program designed to help our clients deal with excessive distress caused by incidents which are particularly traumatic, such as robberies, deaths in the workplace or natural disasters.

Our program includes:

  • On-site demobilizations - used when a major incident has occurred and the staff needs to continue working to contain the disaster. Counselors are present to provide needed support
  • On or off site debriefings - A Debriefing is a group process which consists of three distinct phases:
    • Initial ventilation of feelings by the emergency service personnel and an assessment by a facilitator of the intensity of stress response
    • A more detailed discussion of the signs and symptoms of the stress response and provides an opportunity to educate, support and reassurance
    • Closure phase of the CISM is where information is provided and plans for further action are developed or a referral is made
  • On or off site defusing - informal debriefings are particularly useful when one, two or three employees are affected by an incident. Defusings can be individual sessions or small groups
  • Post debriefing follow-up - Follows the debriefing; an Account Manager will talk with the debriefing counselor and they will determine if any follow-up is needed. Any recommendations will be made to our contact person at your organization
  • Pre-incident stress recognition and management - Our training programs are aimed at recognition and management so, should a trauma occur, your employees will be equipped

The focus of our program is on quick intervention. We schedule the CISM group within two, but not more than 72, hours following an incident. According to Dr. George Everly, one of the founders of the Mitchell CISM Model, "Rapid initiation of defusings and debriefings help block a serious cognitive misinterpretation of the event." The main goals of our program are to lessen the impact of the traumatic event and to accelerate recovery from the event before harmful stress reactions have a chance to cause serious, long term effects.

This program provides licensed counselors who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to meet with employees on site or in the counselor's office to do debriefing and stress management seminars following a traumatic incident.

Retiree Assistance Program

The Holman Retiree Assistance Program was created to help retirees in what is often a difficult transition. Going from being an active employee to a retiree can be difficult because our society consciously values those who work. They inadvertently feel as if they are no longer important. Their needs are often over looked. This can cause them to need more administrative and medical services, just to get their basic needs met.

Our program functions as an ombudsman service for senior. They can call our 800 number, 24 hours a day to get answers to the questions most pressing to them.

Holman's Retiree Assistance Program was designed to help seniors deal with a wide array of personal problems, emotional problems and resource issues.

Following are some of the services covered under this plan:

  • 24 hour 800 number
  • Crisis intervention
  • Unlimited Phone Assessment and Referral to address issues such as:
    • Mental Health Problems
    • Medical Issues
    • Social Issues
    • Family Support Development
    • Housing
    • Legal
    • Financial Aid
    • Transportation and much more...
  • Volunteer Placement
  • Integration of Medical/Mental Health Case Management
  • Health Promotion

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Multilingual Services

The Holman Group is able to provide services in as many as 140 languages. Our in-house staff speaks English and Spanish and our language line does the rest. The language line provides interpreters in as many as 140 languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The interpreters are specially trained to interpret mental health issues. Here is how it works: When a non-English/Non-Spanish speaker calls our toll-free (800) number we can conference in an interpreter to interpret the call within an average of 45 seconds, no matter what time of day or night the call is placed. After the interpretation and intake process is completed the intake specialist will make sure that the employee is contacted by a therapist that speaks the employee's language to schedule the first appointment. Written communication materials are also available in Spanish and other languages upon request.

On the Highway to Health

"On the Highway to Health" is a seminar series designed to give participants an opportunity to develop and/or improve their abilities to self-manage issues which are affecting their mental, physical health and/or success. Developed by behavioral health professionals, the seminar's main focus is to expose participants to methods of problem-solving and personal resource management that you can use to shift your life into high gear. High performance and health.