Lunch and Learn Seminar

We value the brokers and consultants who work with us and to show our appreciation, Holman offers free “Lunch & Learn CE Classes” for any group of 6 or more brokers. Each class is taught by a certified CE Instructor approved by DOI CA (for both Life & Health and Property & Casualty Insurance Brokers).

Most of the CE classes are one hour in length and we bring lunch. There are eight (8) CE classes to choose from.

If you would like to schedule a CE class for your office or a professional organization, please choose a topic from the list below and email our Sales Manager at the link below letting her know which class you prefer and when you would like the class held:

  1. Mental Health Parity & Addiction Equality Act of 2008: Understanding the Law and Mitigating the Financial Impact (New Federal Parity Law)
  2. Virtual Therapy and its Impact on the Healthcare Delivery System
  3. The Importance of an Employee Assistance Program
  4. The Effects of Stress on Healthcare Costs
  5. Assessing Return on Investment for Employee Assistance Programs
  6. Ethics and the Health Insurance Agent (2 CE credits, 2 hour class)
  7. The Reduction of Workers’ Compensation & Disability Claims though the use of an EAP
  8. The Benefits of Specialized Managed Behavioral Health Care Plans in Post Parity Times

If your office is outside of California, email our Sales Manager at and she will let you know if we are credentialed in your State.