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Holman Frazier, LLC

Holman Frazier, LLC, a leader and innovator in the behavioral healthcare industry, manages care for over a half a million people nationwide. Created by two professionals with over 45 years of combined experience in behavioral healthcare and employee assistance programs, Holman Frazier offers a unique opportunity for behavioral health services to Arizona organizations. Dr. Frazier’s in-depth experience with Arizona based organizations combined with Dr. Holman’s California based national experience provide a unique blend of local responsiveness backed by the strength of a national network, extensive resources and experienced case management. Holman Frazier is committed to providing excellence in behavioral health.

We are pioneers in managed mental health care, and we continue to create new solutions for employers, employees and their dependents.

Holman Frazier plans offer assistance in addressing all kinds of personal problems that affect employees day to day lives. We have a national network of counselors available to help.

Holman Frazier provides the following services:

  • Mental Health & Substance Abuse Carve Outs
    (In & Outpatient Benefits)

  • EAP (3-5-8-10-20 Session Programs)
    (With & w/o Co-Payments)

  • ASO: Managed Mental Health Care Programs
    (For Self Insured Organizations)

  • CISM: Nation Wide Critical Incident Stress Management   

  • OD Interventions for Organizational Change
    (Merger, Acquisitions, Right Sizing and Strategic Handling of HR)

  • Integrated Behavioral HealthCare Plans 
    (Specific Client Needs)

Operating Philosophy:

People live their lives at home, work and in their social circles, this is LIFE. It only stands to reason that if a mental health/drug alcohol problem develop in the LIFE, a solution MUST be found in the LIFE. To put a person into an inpatient treatment program takes the person away from the environment the solution must BE in. Holman Frazier has very specific guidelines to treat people outside of their day to day life because there is always an adjustment to the LIFE that is required following an inpatient program. Holman Frazier believes that starting treatment with the patient in their LIFE, at home, work and in their social circles affords "patient in treatment" the greatest real life problem solving adjustments. Obviously the person's reaction to, interaction with and/or anticipations about their LIFE causes them grief, sadness, pain, depression, etc. Holman Frazier is there to help find and develop NEW coping tools and skills. People are incredibly resilient and are able beyond most people's understanding or expectation.

The System:

Early intervention is the result of thorough orientation in the workplace. Managers are trained to observe signs that an employee needs help, and they learn the easiest ways to refer employees to the plan. Employees and their dependents may also call for help directly. Following are some of the additional features of each Holman Frazier Plan:

  • 24 Hour Hotline Staffed by Licensed Clinicians

  • National Network of Licensed Providers (25,000 providers)

  • Clinical Account Management (which ensures the smooth delivery of services).

  • Legal Referrals and free Phone Consultations (18,000 attorneys nationwide)

  • Free Initial Consultation with a Financial Planner

  • Care Management

  • Supervisory Training on How to Use the Program as a Management Tool

  • Employee Orientation (training and brown bag lunch meetings)

  • Monthly Statistical Reporting

  • Ongoing Communication Materials, including:

    • Unlimited Supply of Brochure

    • Color Posters

    • 800 # Cards

    • Quarterly Employee Newsletter (Photo ready Copy or Diskette)

    • Wellness Related Articles

  • Counseling for the Full Array of Personal Problems, Including:

    • Marital Problems

    • Drug/Alcohol Problems

    • Depression

    • Stress

    • Parent/Child Issues

    • Work Related Problems

    • Eating Disorders and much more

  • Bilingual Services including access to the AT & T Language Line

  • Referrals to Community Resources

  • Child Care Referrals

  • Elder Care Referrals