One Umbrella

Additional cost savings and integration is also facilitated by bringing various services under one umbrella. For instance, many employers have one department (and budget) responsible for the employee assistance program, one responsible for the employee benefits and one responsible for the critical incident stress debriefing services. This leads to duplication of services, additional costs and a decrease in quality of care.

How It Works

Care Delivery Process

The Holman Group's care delivery process includes four steps:

  • Intake
  • Assessment & Referral
  • Treatment
  • Follow-up

Quality Management

Our four-pronged approach to quality management includes:

  • Professional network development and maintenance
  • Facility contracting
  • Care monitoring and systems improvement
  • Patient/client satisfaction

Getting Started

The Holman Capitated Plan is simple and straight-forward to launch through:

  • Orientation
  • Planning and Pre-implementation
  • Enrollment

It is our commitment to cost-effectively provide the best services we are able to offer to you. If The Holman Group's approach is appropriate for your organization, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you in a follow-up meeting and presentation.

Requesting a Proposal

Requesting a quote is easy. Not only does Holman deliver top-quality services to our clients, we also take care of our brokers and consultants. We do this through:

Commission Levels You Want
We can quote our plans to include any commission level or without commission all together. You tell us what commission to include 5%, 10%, etc.

Competitive Rates
Holman offers plans with the most competitive rates in the business, without sacrificing the level of service being provided.

Quick Quote Turn-Around Time
Our Sales representatives can usually provide you with a quote within 24-48 hours.

Plan Designs Your Clients Want
Holman has the flexibility to offer your clients a plan that will best suit them, and we are able to quote many options in order to find the most appropriate and cost-efficient plan design.

How to Request a Quote

It’s easy to request a quote, just send an email or give us a call with the following information.

  • Date Proposal Needed
  • Client Name
  • Nature of Business/Industry
  • Client Location
  • Census (please include employee zip codes and dependent information)
  • Current Rate and Plan Design
  • Type of Plan Desired
  • Who is Making the Decision? (Human Resources, Vice President, Benefits Manager, etc.)
  • Broker of Record information
  • Proposed Start Date
  • Desired Commission

You can also request a quote online by completing Request for Proposal formLink Icon

Or if the group has between 2 and 99 employees you are welcome to quote one of our standard Small Group Plans. Each of these plans has 10% broker commission included. Click below to see our small group price sheet, or if you would like a full proposal, simple follow the above direction to request a quote.

Meet our sales team:

  1. Elizabeth Holman, MBA
    Exec VP Finance & Business Development
  2. Kelsey Honore
    Sales Executive
  3. Michael Evans
    Business Development Consultant
  4. Toddy Bowden
    Account Executive
  1. Larry, Frazier, Ph.D., ABPP
  2. Margaret Dykinga
    Account Executive

For more information feel free to call us at (800) 321-2843 and we will connect you to your local Sales Executive.